Covid-19 Maßnahmen vom Hotel Asterisk
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Covid-19 Maßnahmen vom Hotel Asterisk

Kommen Sie mit dem Auto nach Amsterdam? Wir empfehlen Ihnen, Ihr Auto im Parkhaus des APCOA-Parkplatzes Heinekenplein in der ersten van der Helststraat zu parken. Wir haben Exit-Tickets für unsere Gäste, die einen Rabatt auf den normalen Preis gewähren. Während der Woche zahlen Sie 15 Euro pro Tag und 20 Euro am Samstag und Sonntag, vorbehaltlich Preisänderungen.


I think working behind the reception is one of the best things about the hotel. I can chat endlessly and love to listen to stories and learn about different cultures and customs. For example, there is a hotel guest who stays with us a few times a year and always brings all kinds of delicacies from his country for us to taste.
That gave me the idea to write this blog. I want to introduce you to a Dutch delicacy. Perhaps one of the most delicious treats there is. You can buy them fresh, topped with all kinds of supplements or simply ready-made in the supermarket. I'm talking about the stroopwafel of course!

The stoop waffle originally comes from Gouda, a city in the province of South Holland. It all started in the nineteenth century. A baker experimented with leftover dough and cookie crumbs with syrup in between. After the success of this bakery, the number of stroopwafel bakers grew enormously. Baking stroopwafels was seen as a real craft. Each stoop waffle was made by hand, with old-fashioned baking irons. This is also where the well-known checkered pattern of the stroopwafel, as we know it today, comes from. Nowadays the stroopwafel is made all over the Netherlands.
Did you know that there is an annual syrup waffle day? On that day, bakers from Gouda gather to bake fresh stroopwafels for the public and hand out waffles to children.

Of course I went out in Amsterdam to taste different stroopwafels. And I can tell you, there were two places that stood out above all other places, and I'll talk about that down below.

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels in the Kalverstraat. What a beautiful store, the window alone is one that you must see! Slightly different from the other stroopwafel shops, because here you can choose a topping for your stroopwafel. All stroopwafels are freshly baked daily and you can choose from different sizes. These stroopwafels are not only a feast for the eyes, but also for your taste buds. The stroopwafels are packed in beautiful boxes. You can also take them home or give them as a present. In addition to the (fresh) stroopwafels, other Dutch delicacies can also be found in the store. Really a must visit tip!

My other favorite place to eat fresh stroopwafels is at the Albert Cuijp market. The warm, fresh Gouda stroopwafels that father and son make together are really very tasty! The men make it a real party when you get a stroopwafel from them. They are happy to tell you everything about the history of the stroopwafel and also show you step by step how they make it and what to look out for. This is really the real deal.

All I have to say is: enjoy!