Irma Bucker

I am Irma Bucker, born and raised in Amsterdam and still in love with this unique city, with its beautiful canals. Until I was 16, I even had the privilege of living by a canal, until we moved to the hotel.

I was there when my parents opened Hotel Asterisk in 1977. It was just a small 2-star hotel then, but that changed over the years as my parents were gradually able to buy additional buildings. I have experienced a lot of renovations, my father did almost everything himself, whilst my mother kept the hotel running.

When I was a teenager, I helped my parents out serving breakfast, but my heart wasn’t in the business yet. I still wanted more adventure and I worked as a police officer in Amsterdam for a couple of years, an experience I still get a lot of pleasure from.

When my father died completely unexpectedly in 1994, my then husband and I decided to take over the hotel. Our children, Lisa and Johan, really grew up in the hotel, we lived in the business.

Since 2012, I have been the only owner and director of the company that was established by my parents. Soon after that, Johan chose to come and work with me and, later on, Lisa also made the transition to the hotel. Thanks in part to their enthusiasm and continuing commitment, Hotel Asterisk is now a superior 3-star hotel.

All rooms will be renovated in 2018 and will be made accessible by a lift. After that, I hope to gradually spend more time on my hobbies (golf, walking, reading) and give the children room to manage the hotel.

It will then be time to take some great trips myself and to visit the countries my guests come from and have told me so much about. I hope to do this with my wonderful second husband, who I married in 2016. He is my sounding board and, through his tips and advice, he makes a very big contribution to the success of Hotel Asterisk.