Living the sweet life!

Cake, I love it! I could eat a cake every day. I always find a reason to eat a cake. Just to celebrate that the sun is shining, because we have increased our review score again, or just because someone comes to us for coffee. Cake is just part of it.
You probably already feel it coming, I'm going to tell you in this blog where you can find the best cake in Amsterdam! Because yes, you never know if you have something to celebrate when you come to Amsterdam and you would just be looking for a good address for cake.

Well, I'll start at the beginning and that to me is Holtkamp. If it's not just because my grandmother always went there to get cake, it's because at Holtkamp I really never have a choice. Holtkamp is near the hotel and is really a household name in Amsterdam and everything is delicious there! They also have delicious chocolates and croquettes.

We continue to my favorite street in Amsterdam, the Utrechtstestraat. Pattiserie Kuyt is located there. My absolute favorite there is the hazelnut meringue pie. When I go there, I always just buy that one. And the goats' feet. But that's more of a family tradition. My grandmother's best friend regularly visits us for coffee and takes it with her.

Another of my favorite places to buy cake is at Pompadour in the Nine Streets. This place is located in one of my favorite areas in Amsterdam. My cake heart starts beating faster at the sight of the shop window. De Kwekkeboom is also a good address for a delicious cake. Just because they have double decker tompouces there. And I can tell you, they are not tastier anywhere else than there.

My birthday was not the only reason for me to write a blog about patisserie in Amsterdam. One of our regular hotel guests was also the reason for this. This gentleman has a very "nice" job. He is a pastry chef and flies all over the world to, yes, taste cake and gain taste inspiration. You understand that this makes my cake heart very happy.

I would say: let's eat cake!