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Find our staycation packages here

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Amsterdam is quieter than ever, so why not have a holiday in your own country? Now that traveling abroad is not an option at the moment, we have put together the perfect “staycation” for you!


Anne & Max Amsterdam
(Address: Gerard Douplein 10)
Anne & Max is the ideal place to disappear behind your laptop for a couple of hours’ work. The WiFi connection is very good. You can have a tasty lunch and it’s also a nice place for a drink with something delicious to eat. I go there myself for great juices or coffee.

De Koffie Salon
(Address: Utrechtsestraat 130)
I personally think De Koffie Salon is a brilliant place for a cup of coffee and a tasty treat. When you arrive, you can order a cup of coffee with something nice on the side and then find a place around the big, round table. Upstairs there is space to work on your laptop.

Two for Joy Amsterdam
(Address: Frederiksplein 29)
I love cute coffee shops! One of my favourite coffee shops is within walking distance of our hotel, near Utrechtsestraat: Two for Joy. It doesn’t look much from the outside but, once you go in, you realise how deep the building is and how many cosy corners there are to sit in. A tip from me: try the cakes! They’re delicious!