Rijksmuseum (Dutch National Museum)
The Rijksmuseum is a stone’s throw from our hotel and we personally think it is a wonderful museum. You can buy a ticket from our reception. The good thing about this ticket is that, on the day of activation, it is valid all day. This means that you can head outside, to have lunch for example, and go back in using the same ticket.

Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh Museum is just a short walk from the Rijksmuseum. Also good to know: on Friday evenings, the museum is open until 22:00 and you can participate in a special programme. You can buy a ticket with direct entry from our reception. This saves a lot of waiting time.

Heineken Experience
The Heineken Experience is a museum located in the former Heineken Brewery, 300 metres’ walk from our hotel. Visitors receive an interactive tour. You can buy your tickets from our reception.