The Rijksmuseum, if you ask me, one of the most beautiful museums in Amsterdam. I myself have many memories of the Rijksmuseum. For example, when I was a child, I always cycled under the Rijksmuseum to school. There is always something going on under the beautiful arches of the Rijksmuseum. From street musicians to a quick look in the museum, people sheltering from the rain, etc ..
During the renovation a few years ago, there was talk that it might no longer be possible to cycle underneath the Rijksmuseum. I was very disappointed with that. It didn't take long, because luckily for me I can just cycle under the Rijksmuseum again and enjoy what is going on under those arches of the Rijksmuseum.

One of the advantages of the Rijksmuseum is that an entrance ticket is (almost) always available online. And if you have bought an entrance ticket, it is valid for the whole day. This means that you can walk in and out of the museum during the day. That is a very nice extra, because the Rijksmuseum is very large, and for that reason it can sometimes be nice to go outside and walk in at a later time.

Well, the reason for writing this blog. Do you want the night watch all to yourself? Would you like to walk through the Rijksmuseum, without anyone walking in front of you? Book your entrance ticket online now, preferably in the morning. Amsterdam is deserted, people are avoiding the big cities en masse, which also offers enormous opportunities if you want to enjoy all the beauty that the Rijksmuseum has to offer. Right now, during Covid-19, the city is extra special to visit!

I am well aware that while writing this blog, the restaurants and cafes are closed. Of course it is "more fun" when those restaurants and cafes are open. However, the local entrepreneurs have all come up with creative solutions, so that you can still enjoy their cooking skills.

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