To cycle or not to cycle in Amsterdam?

I often get the questions from guests whether it is nice to cycle through Amsterdam by bike. To be honest with you, I love to explore the city by bike. But did you know that everything in Amsterdam is within walking distance and that this is what I always recommend to our guests?

If you look closely, you will find so many special things in the city. For example, look at these bookcases. They can be found everywhere in Amsterdam. The idea is simple: anyone can borrow books and put books back in the cupboard. The motto: take a book, leave a book. You don’t get to experience these typical thing of Amsterdam on a bicycle. 

If you’re not used to cycling, I don’t think it would be a good idea to start in Amsterdam. The streets are always very busy and traffic comes from all sides. In case I made you curious about exploring the city by bike the way I like to do, then the best place to rent a bicycle is at the Black Bikes Frederiksplein. Their shop is just a short stroll away from our hotel. For the dare devils among us, I summed up a few things to keep in mind when riding your bicycle in Amsterdam.

  • Locals are known for breaking the rules when riding their bike. For example: cycling through red lights or biking at night without lights. Don’t follow our example.
  • Watch out for tram rails: cross them at a sharp angle. You can get stuck in the rail easily.
  • Make sure to park your bike in a designated bike parking section, rack or indoor parking facility as bikes that are not parked in the right areas may be removed and stored in the Bicycle Depot. 
  • Don’t bike with more than two people across, keep space with the other cyclists.
  • Pull over to answer your phone or check the map.

Have a safe ride!