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Covid-19 safety measures

Will you be driving to Amsterdam? we recommend to park your car in the APCOA Parking Heinekenplein at Eerste van der Helststraat. For our guests, we have parking tickets that provide a discount on the normal rate. So during the week this will cost you EUR 15.00 per day and on Saturday and Sunday EUR 20.00, subject to price changes.


The Vondelpark

Spring is in the air and therefore I thought it would be perfect to start writing about the Vondelpark. The Vondelpark is just around the corner from our hotel and I have many nice memories about the park from when I was a child. There is this one tree, that’s called “de klimboom” where you can climb in. I am sure that every child in Amsterdam knows this tree. Johan and I justed to play there a lot. Our primary school was temporary located on the other side of the Vondelpark because our current location was under construction. So, we used to cycle every day through the Vondelpark.

What’s there to do or see nowadays for you?
To start it is the biggest park in Amsterdam. Lots op people love to run, cycle or just stroll around there. In summer times you can enjoy free concerts and roleplays at the “openluchttheater.” You can also find some cafés and restaurants in the park.

Go to “Brouwerij ‘T IJ” for some nice beers. This is the brewery where the three of us love to come and have a beer together. And for your information…this is a very special place for my mom. Because this is where she met her husband. Before this place was called “Het Blauwe Theehuis.” So go check it out and drink some nice beers and maybe you will meet the love of your life over there, like my mom did.

Next on we have “The Vondeltuin.” It is a nice place with a big garden where you can eat or drink something. This place is the most far away from the entry side near our hotel. That’s also something that is good to know about the Vondelpark. It has many different entry’s.

Vondelpark 3 has a beautiful building with a large terrace where you can sit and eat something. If your more into luxe and comfort this is definitely a place for you. But it is also always possible to look for the hotdog car in the park for a quick snack.

I hope you will enjoy the spring in The Vondelpark Amsterdam