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Lisa Haagedoorn

Since I (Lisa, nice to meet you) made the decision to join our family business full time in 2016, I have been enjoying the best job there is.

As a little girl, I only wanted one thing: to become a teacher. Once I finished secondary school, I started teacher training straight away. Whilst there, I learnt how to use your voice, communication and attitude to achieve what you want. Then the penny dropped, I didn’t want to stand in front of a class, I wanted to make it possible to discuss behaviour. I left teacher training and began studying pedagogy.

During my third year of study, I had the opportunity to start my own business. I started Opvoedsupport (Education Support) and guided children at primary school and/or at home. I also supported parents with questions about parenting and teachers with questions about behaviour in the classroom.

I was never interested in the hotel as a child. I was actually ashamed and wanted nothing more than to live in a house and simply open the front door myself if someone came round. To get to our house, we had to go through reception. Employees always had questions or comments, so I never got ‘home’, but was put to work. The hotel operates 24/7. As a child I didn’t understand that.

In 2012, my mother became the sole owner of the hotel. Together with Johan, she raised the hotel to the next level. I spontaneously fell in love with the business. It came as a surprise. I was still studying and began to have huge doubts about whether there was a role for me at the hotel. 
My mother had some wise words of advice for me about my doubts. “The hotel isn't going anywhere. You can always join the hotel later.”

Despite the fact that I very much enjoyed working as a pedagogue, in the end it didn’t make me happy. In 2016 I made the best decision of my life! I feel very privileged that I enjoy my work so much every day.

Besides working in the hotel, I like to make jewelry. That started because I was looking for a piece of jewelry from an asterisk sign for a long time. When I couldn't find that anywhere, I decided to make it myself. I now make my own jewelry and they are displayed in the hotel.
My other hobby is swimming. I do this together with my mother 3 times a week at the Swimgym.

Hotel Asterisk is a family company and that’s what makes it unique. We need each other to make Asterisk successful. Johan and I have two completely different personalities and therefore have our own areas of work in the hotel. 

I look forward to meeting you, welcoming you to our hotel and telling you all about my city. I hope your stay with us feels like a home away from home. So, welcome to Hotel Asterisk.